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Subject Re: [cli-users] Running from a virtual root
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2005 14:39:57 GMT

I actually am able to get that to work effortlessly.  All I have to do is 
to add the following line in the http.conf.

AspNetMount / "c:/test"

However, the problem I have encountered is that the webservice does not 
work.  I finally had to change the code inside the apache.web.dll to get 
it to work.

Here it is.

String* Apache::Web::WorkerRequest::GetAppPath(void)
#ifdef _DEBUG
    String *res = String::Concat(L"GetAppPath: returns ", 
    LogRequestError(res, APLOG_DEBUG, 0);
        if( (host->GetVirtualPath())->Length == 0 )  //I added these three 
                return "/";
                return host->GetVirtualPath();

Hope this helps.


Chris Waldron <> 
03/26/2005 03:13 PM
Please respond to


Re: [cli-users] Running from a virtual root

Thanks William,

    This is exactly what I am expirencing.  When I would designate the 
root directory (/) to be mapped to  the virtual directory Apache would 
fail.  Thus this is a known issue.  I thought I was misunderstanding 
something.  I even tried using double slashes thinking I could trick 
Apache -- to no avail. 

    Is this a problem with the parsing in the Hosting environment (the 
C++ code that load the runtime) or is the problem in .NET API 
(System.Web.Hosting)?  From your response it appears that the .NET API 
is stripping the root directory.  In this case it would appear that 
mod_aspnet would have to special case this scenario.  Let me know if I 
can help because I would really like to use Apache over IIS 6.0. 
Apparently I can do what I've requested with IIS 6.0.


William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

>Sure you should be able to do this.  The problem is with path name
>parsing.  When /test/ is mapped to c:/myapp/ everything is fine, even
>when we strip off the patches (System.Web.Hosting does).
>Now it gets tricky because when the path gets stripped off, the uri
>of / mapped to c:/myapp/ disappears altogether.  Never figured out
>exactly how to handle this cleanly, but I'm happy to take another
>At 08:49 PM 3/21/2005, Chris Waldron wrote:
>>I asked this question some time ago but never received an answer. I 
would like to run ASP.NET applications on from a single IP address
>>whereby the IP Address is mapped to server virtual directories.  I would 
like to
>>be able to designate a separate virtual root directory for each 
application and use
>>Apache to run these applications.  The URL designate the application in 
a manner
>>whereby the use has only to type the web address (no directory) and that 
>>would run.
>>For example
>> is mapped to
>>  a)
>>  b)
>>Then is mapped to C:\MyApp1 virtual directory
>>and is mapped to C:\MyApp2 virtual directory.
>>Right now I couldn't get mod_aspnet to be mapped to a rooted virtual 
>>I was only able to do this if they are mapped to a subdirectory of the 
rooted virtual directory.
>>For example if this was not an aspnet application but generic html 
application Apache can handle
>>what I'm requesting for  Has anyone been able to get this to 
work with the configuration described herein.
>>Or do you have to do redirects instead.
>>Thanks in advance,
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