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From Sean McCleary <>
Subject [cli-users@httpd] Configuring directory
Date Fri, 17 Dec 2004 08:12:04 GMT
Hi all, question on config:

The example docs say how to get ASPX files running in c:\StoreCSVS,
and aliasing that to /Store/CSVS.

And that works forme.

So uh... what if I want my ASPX files to just be in the "/" directory?
 i.e. I want people to get to http://myhost/index.aspx .

I've tried Aliasing "/" to "c:\StoreCSVS", AspNetMounting "/" to
"c:\StoreCSVS", and setting my DocumentRoot to "c:\StoreCSVS" but it
doesn't work.  Should it be?  Do I always need to have some kind of
prefix in the URI, like "http://myhost/ASPXFilesGoHere/index.aspx"?  I
think I am not understanding something.

Any light anyone can shed on the subject would be appreciated...


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