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From "Jeff White" <>
Subject [cli-users@httpd] Cross Platform
Date Sat, 18 Dec 2004 16:06:46 GMT



.NET is finding its feet in the Windows desktop and server world 
along with some nice inroads into the land of Smart Devices, but 
less attention has been given to other .NET implementations such
as Mono, Portable.NET and Rotor.

Cross-Platform development is something many of us have grappled
with over the years. While most major platforms support most 
popular languages there are always issues with availability of
libraries and the pain of getting the UI to look and act the same
on all platforms without looking 90's retro.

We'd like to see if Cross-Platform .NET can solve some of this
pain (or just allow a wider field of developer to experience it)
so we've launched a new section dedicated to Cross-Platform .NET
Development at

As an incentive we've got 3 copies of "Cross-Platform .NET 
Development" to giveaway to the top 3 articles posted between now 
and January 30. Cross platform development articles can be code, 
components or just tips on how to avoid pain when developing .NET 
apps on multiple platforms. Good luck!



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