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From "Jeff White" <>
Subject How does mod_aspdotnet work?
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2004 19:55:51 GMT

Anyone seen for mod_aspdotnet
(or even for Apache web server)
a very simple flow chart type doc
that shows how all this works?

Apache starts in regular Windows 

Apache loads the mod_aspdotnet 
config info and then...

Does Apache now go into Windows 
.NET mode....

Does only mod_aspdotnet go into 
.NET mode...

Anyway when something goes into 
.NET mode, ASP.NET usage is allowed
(and therefore any and all .NET Framework
classes). For all Apache or just for

In simple terms, just what does this
mod_aspdotnet do?  (like below)

Apache starts
 loads mod_aspdotnet
 or AspNetMount  which first?

Then mod_aspdotnet creates....
and so on and then...

The user writes a simple aspx file
to say hello. What does mod_aspdotnet 
do when it sees a request for this aspx
file type?

Does mod_aspdotnet reload .NET
everytime it sees a file?

Is it like this, load .NET, display the 
file to the user, then unload .NET?

Then after the user's browser sees 
hello world - but at this same moment 
(or just after sending the response),
what does mod_aspdotnet do then?
What does Apache do then if anything?

Does mod_aspdotnet start and stop,
and creates special ASP.NET areas 
or what?

Does mod_aspdotnet load and reload,
over and over eating the memory?

Can one unload mod_aspdotnet and
then reload it?

Can one rename mod_aspdotnet like
and so on and run lots of ASP.NET?


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