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From "Mark Hubbard" <>
Subject mod_aspdotnet orphaned?
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2006 21:48:02 GMT

Hello all,

I've been using mod_aspdotnet for a few months now, in a serious
project.  On the whole it works well.  We use the IHttpHandler interface
exclusively, for full control, portability, and lots of speed.  There
are no "pages" or "scripts" in our application.

So I was just browsing the developer list archive to see if the module
was about to be upgraded for .NET 2.0.  But, lo, it looks like it might
be abandoned soon!  I'm saddened to see that.  This module positions
Apache as a (quite good) head-to-head competitor to IIS for the current
and next generations of web development worldwide.  This module is the
one and only reason Apache is used in our project, and the reason I
intend to pursue some donation $$$ for the ASF.  If the support for it
disappears, I don't see much of an alternative for continued use with
Apache.  (Of course I'm open to suggestions on that.)

I might offer to contribute to the effort, but I've never had to compile
the module.  I'm not even sure that I can.  I did look over the source
code a while back to find out some of the details for our purposes.  But
as a .NET developer I'm unfamiliar with the Apache API(s) and coding

Mark Hubbard:
Software Product Manager
iCyt Visionary Bioscience

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