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From "Jeff White" <>
Subject A simple .NET assembly loader for Apache
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2004 18:55:29 GMT

If the fully compiled Apache2 Windows 
MSI release version included a fully 
compiled C++ .NET "assembly loader" 
module (even if only in the experimental 
folder), then many other developers 
would be able to start "a playin' and a 
learnin'" the .NET Framework classes 
and the .NET Framework's many config 
files (for Apache web server usage) by 
writing these Apache .NET Framework 
assemblies via the free .NET Framework 
SDK compilers or with the many other third
party .NET enabled compilers.....

Most of these assemblies could be written
in the computer language that the user knows
best or the user could learn a "new" language,
if the user wishes to do so.....

Also these Apache .NET assemblies could 
"host" ASP.NET themselves (or not) or could
just be used with the many .NET Framework 
classes (to do what ever these Apache users 
want or need).....


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