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Subject [Bug 61616] mod_proxy_connect: stall and connection loss on bi-directional traffic
Date Sun, 15 Oct 2017 06:17:44 GMT

--- Comment #6 from Carsten Wolff <> ---
First of all, thanks for the very quick turnaround!

Unfortunately, the patch doesn't fix the problem. Actually, I have played with
similar approaches for changing proxy_connect_handler() before, like doing a
poll() for POLLOUT on the backend upon every POLLIN event from the client
before actually calling ap_proxy_transfer_between_connections(), or like
prefering the direction "backend to client", when both sockets issue POLLIN
But, no change to the poll() logic in mod_proxy_connect.c worked, because it's
not there, where the poll() blocks. The whole situation can build up during one
call of ap_proxy_transfer_between_connections(), when rsync daemon keeps
sending long enough without reading, while rsync client is also sending. In
that case apache will always block in apr/network_io/unix/sendrecv.c without a
chance to return to mod_proxy again for another poll on the other socket.
Is there a chance to parallelize the two data directions through threading or

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