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Subject [Bug 56188] mod_proxy_fcgi does not send FCGI_ABORT_REQUEST on client disconnect
Date Fri, 23 Dec 2016 17:43:22 GMT

--- Comment #9 from Luca Toscano <> ---
So while reading I
came across this:

> A Web server aborts a FastCGI request when an HTTP client closes its transport connection
while the FastCGI request is running on behalf of that client. 

> The Web server sends a FCGI_ABORT_REQUEST record to abort a request. After receiving
{FCGI_ABORT_REQUEST, R}, the application responds as soon as possible with {FCGI_END_REQUEST,
R, {FCGI_REQUEST_COMPLETE, appStatus}}. This is truly a response from the application, not
a low-level acknowledgement from the FastCGI library.

As far as I can see the patch breaks out of the main while after sending the
FCGI ABORT, not waiting for the FCGI_END_REQUEST response. I tried to change it
a bit to allow this flow, but from my test I never get FCGI_END_REQUEST because
mod_proxy_fcgi stops before it finding out that the client dropped the
connection (probably when it tries to flush the output).

I also didn't manage to see the FCGI backend stopping after the FCGI ABORT is
sent, but maybe I am missing something trivial. I'll try to work on this code
more during the next days.

Jason: just want to make it clear, your patch looks good, I just want to make
sure that we don't miss any corner case :)


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