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Subject [Bug 53555] Scoreboard full error with event/ssl
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2016 19:20:46 GMT

--- Comment #52 from Valentin Gjorgjioski <> ---

now I believe I have clear picture what it is going on:

1. I'm using FastCGI, obviously dead project and not supported ?! 

2. I'm not sure whether there is a directive such as connect timeout (fcgid has
this). It seems either there is no timeout or it is quite big. 

3. When Apache get hardly hit, then php-fpm get hardly hit as well. In my case
PHP-FPM started having problems to do its job when I disabled the opcache
mentioned earlier. So it get stuck with a longer and longer queue. Then apache
continue sending processes to php-gpm even when php-fpm reached the limit
(pm.max_children). In such scenario php-fpm stops opening new processes, but
somehow old processes get stuck. Then apache continue doing this until full
scoreboard. And now CPU usage is very low, it seems like some I/O block, many
apache processes (1500?! ) waiting to open socket, but the socket is not

However, at this point it is not very clear to me why Apache builds up the
queue and the queue is not getting emptied  - there is no high processor usage,
it seems that php-fpm/apache got stuck and nothing can be done. Could be this
apache not handling sockets properly? 

4. Even with prefork this happens, it's not the mpm_event problem in this case.

Workaround for the next month or so: Optimize work of PHP, lower the load so
PHP-FPM can handl timely. Also, ubuntu upgrade and including more stable php
opcache will help towards this. 

Long time solution: There must be a solution for this problem in general. 
Either it is time to move to nginx, or it is time to move to better module for
fastcgi. By the way, what will you sugest at this point, what is the easier
migration path from fastcgi to another apache module?

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