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Subject [Bug 59438] ServerInfo Extension 18 Missing for dual EC-RSA certificate configurations
Date Sun, 08 May 2016 19:50:15 GMT

--- Comment #3 from Yann Ylavic <> ---
The issue seems to be that SSLOpenSSLConfCmd and
SSLCertificateFile/SSLCertificateKeyFile don't mix well with each other.

Could you try to use exclusively SSLOpenSSLConfCmd to configure your
certificate(s) file/key/info/dhparams?

Something like:

SSLOpenSSLConfCmd Certificate /path/to/server/cert/file
SSLOpenSSLConfCmd PrivateKey /path/to/server/cert/key
SSLOpenSSLConfCmd ServerInfoFile /path/to/server/info/file
SSLOpenSSLConfCmd DHParameters /path/to/dh/params/file (if any)

repeated for every certificate/info/dhparams you need to configure, and see if
it works?

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