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Subject [Bug 59348] Graceful Reload with H2 (SSL) connections being terminated
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2016 11:40:04 GMT

--- Comment #16 from Alex Bowers <> ---
Sorry. Amendment to the previous statement.

The crash for us happened when somebody was connected via SSL (HTTP/2.0 only),
and any graceful restart was attempted.

We managed to replicate it with a simple test script that effectively had a
long running process in PHP (for loop with password_hash()), and in the
terminal at the same time as it was running, gracefully restart apache.

There was no files changing anywhere on the DocumentRoot, and there was no file
changing in the VirtualHost.

These were red-herrings for us, and where my previous statement came from, but
our simple test proved that it was simply down to reloading apache whilst a
live HTTPS connection was active / live.

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