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Subject [Bug 59319] ProxyPass connectiontimeout not honored with specific target url
Date Fri, 15 Apr 2016 12:45:51 GMT

--- Comment #4 from Ben RUBSON <> ---
(In reply to Rainer Jung from comment #3)
> (...) being able to either define setting for
> the default worker or being able to set default settings for all worker
> including the default would be a useful enhacement, probably both of it.

> Maybe we sould add another Bugzilla as a feature request for adding a
> way to configure the default workers (forward, reverse) and to cinfigure
> defaults for all workers. Both should be per VHost and values would be
> inherited from global server to VHosts.

This would definitely work for parameters such as connectiontimeout.
But do you think it would work for connection pooling, without having to
individually declare each target worker (as we need for the moment) ?
ie. would Apache be "smart" enough to start a worker and its connection pool
for every new proxy it deals with, and if the worker has not been literally
declared in the configuration, to apply the default configuration (which could
then enable by default or at least contain connection pooling settings) ?

> Pools are always local in Apache processes. Processes do not share
> connections to backends between themselves. The limit (maximum number of
> connections per backend) is equals to the number of threads in the process.
> Since Apache can't handle more requests in one process at one point in time
> than it has threads, and we allow the same number of backend connections,
> you should never run into a connection limitation unless you reduce the
> limit by configuring a smaller limit. Pooling here is more about reuse than
> limiting.

So if for any reason prefork MPM is used, connection pool only has one
connection :)
Understood, perfectly clear, many thanks Rainer !

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