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Subject [Bug 58777] URLs containing a ? are assumed to be query strings
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2016 15:29:41 GMT

--- Comment #15 from Eric Covener <> ---
(In reply to Ben RUBSON from comment #14)
> Eric, thank you very much !
> From the documentation : "If no query string is used in the substitution, a
> question mark can be appended to it in combination with this flag."
> How do you append a question mark to the substitution ?
> I don't see how to do it without a RewriteRule (for example "RewriteRule
> ^(/.*)$ $1?"), so without taking the risk to split the URI, if it contains
> question marks.

I'm not following. For simplicity, Let's talk only about rewrites where the
user is concerned they might be applied to a target with a question mark in the

The user necessarily has a RewriteRule already.The new flag already only
applies to a RewriteRule (if you add the flag) that necessarily has a
substitution (2nd argument)

If that substitution sets a new query string, no action is required beyond
adding the flag, because the added query string will be the right-most match.

If that rule doesn't currently set a query string, you can either append "?"
and add the QSA flag or append "?%{QUERY_STRING}" which ensures a right-most

This extra stuff is to avoid a solution that only works when there is no actual
query string involved, which is my issue with the older proposal.

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