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Subject [Bug 58806] HTTP/2 appears to keep workers in KEEPALIVE status
Date Wed, 20 Jan 2016 05:09:21 GMT

--- Comment #7 from Luke Kolin <> ---
I have reenabled HTTP/2 with the following options:

H2MaxWorkerIdleSeconds  15
H2KeepAliveTimeout      10
H2MaxWorkers            16

StartServers             1
MinSpareThreads          2
MaxSpareThreads         20
ThreadsPerChild         16
MaxRequestWorkers      256
MaxConnectionsPerChild 10240

MPM: worker

If things are hung tomorrow I will post the server status. Looks like the
threads are now hanging in "W" state, but looking at netstat it suggests that
the connections are closed but the scoreboard (?) is not being updated, and the
master httpd process will not kill the child.

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