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Subject [Bug 58789] header set multiple htaccess
Date Wed, 06 Jan 2016 18:46:57 GMT

--- Comment #13 from William A. Rowe Jr. <> ---
Sorry, "I am not used to compile modules, but I am sure I am using the latest
version of mod_headers provided by Apache and "yum update"."

is anything but the latest we support. 2.4.6 was shipped in July 2013, that's
ancient and we simply don't install old packages to work out what had been
broken in the past, we invest our efforts in improving the current code
(currently 2.4.17).

r1503324 was that 2.4.6 tag, so if you look at all activity since that

you will see there were 5 commits to mod_headers.c in these intervening years. tells you how to use apxs
to compile the latest sources (link in my earlier comment) as a,
you likely need to install some httpd-devel or httpd-tools package to obtain

Will look more closely if you can confirm the defect is still present in 2.4.17

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