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Subject [Bug 54626] mod_authnz_ldap through util_ldap.c does not support ldaps on the microsoft ldap sdk
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2015 19:29:59 GMT

--- Comment #7 from Andy Wang <> ---
I'm not convinced this actually is a problem.

If you grep the code for ssl_supported there isn't anything functional that
uses it except for:
static apr_status_t util_ldap_cleanup_module(void *data)

    server_rec *s = data;
    util_ldap_state_t *st = (util_ldap_state_t *)ap_get_module_config(
        s->module_config, &ldap_module);

    if (st->ssl_supported) {

    return APR_SUCCESS;


apr_ldap_ssl_deinit() simply calls ldapssl_client_deinit() if it's available
and if you look at apr-ldap.h that's configured against the microsoft sdk:

So that doesn't do anything.

There is this commented block in mod_authnz_ldap.c
    authn_ldap_config_t *sec = (authn_ldap_config_t *)

    if (sec->secure)
        if (!util_ldap_ssl_supported(s))
            ap_log_error(APLOG_MARK, APLOG_CRIT, 0, s,
                     "LDAP: SSL connections (ldaps://) not supported by

But as it's commented, it's irrelevant.

I just staged both a 2.4.16 and 2.2.31 install and had no problems connecting
to an ldaps server once I trusted the right certificate in the microsoft
certificate management console even though it stated:
LDAP: SSL support unavailable: LDAP: CA certificates cannot be set using this
method, as they are stored in the registry instead.

That said, the patch in trunk is broken as it was hueristically applied wrong,
and it will not compile on windows.  I'll upload a new version of it.  But best
i can tell, this simply ensures ldapssl_client_deinit is called if it's
supported, and cosmetically fixes that message so it's correct.  I don't see
any functional changes otherwise.

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