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Subject [Bug 58243] New: rotatelogs goes infinite at startup
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2015 00:07:19 GMT

            Bug ID: 58243
           Summary: rotatelogs goes infinite at startup
           Product: Apache httpd-2
           Version: 2.4.12
          Hardware: PC
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: support

Created attachment 33000
rotatelogs cpu spike process tress

originally reported at ApacheLounge:

when using the -p parameter, e.g.:

ErrorLog "|bin/rotatelogs.exe -p maint/MaintainLogs.bat -l
logs/error.%Y%m%d.log 86400"

CustomLog "|bin/rotatelogs.exe -p maint/MaintainLogs.bat -l
logs/access.%Y%m%d.log 86400" access 

one instance of rotatelogs.exe will spike the CPU, caught in an infinite loop.
after a bunch of whittling down, I've identified the cause of my issue resides
in rotatelogs.c::post_rotate, here:

    /* Collect any zombies from a previous run, but don't wait. */
    while (apr_proc_wait_all_procs(&proc, NULL, NULL, APR_NOWAIT, pool) ==
        /* noop */;

looking at the implementation of said function, we see:

        if (waithow != APR_WAIT) {
            if (nChilds && nChilds == nActive) {
                /* All child processes are running */
                rv = APR_CHILD_NOTDONE;
                proc->pid = -1;
            else {
                /* proc->pid contains the pid of the
                 * exited processes
                rv = APR_CHILD_DONE;
        if (nActive == 0) {
            rv = APR_CHILD_DONE;
            proc->pid = -1;
        return rv;

I would expect nActive == 0 on an initial startup, so I am confused why we're
checking == APR_CHILD_DONE instead of != APR_CHILD_DONE, i.e. loop again if
children exist.

with the original code, I got something like this:

  |- rotatelogs (error) *cpu spike*
  |- rotatelogs (access) no spike
  |- httpd
      |- rotatelogs (error) no spike

switching the code to != check yields:

  |- rotatelogs (error) no spike
  |- rotatelogs (access) no spike
  |- httpd
      |- rotatelogs (error) *cpu spike*
      |- rotatelogs (access) no spike

so there is still something amiss. I did trap out to verify that the return
value when using != was APR_CHILD_NOTDONE and not some OS error.

I am not setup to compile apr runtime so I cannot further trap out values for
nChilds and nActive, but the only way we should be able to get
APR_CHILD_NOTDONE would be if nChilds > 0.

I've attached a screenshot of the process tree and it is perhaps worth noting
that there exists a conhost child process.

we don't appear to do anything about the list of processes so I'm not entirely
sure what the goal of this call to apr_proc_wait_all_procs is aiming to do,
i.e. why it's in a while{} vs. an if{} or some such thing.

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