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Subject [Bug 56729] Can't use HTTP 1.1 Keep-Alive with mod_reqtimeout if POST request with POST-DATA respond during more than ->RequestReadTimeout body=[timeout]
Date Tue, 30 Jun 2015 15:53:27 GMT

--- Comment #13 from Michael Kaufmann <> ---
My module is a content generator (uses ap_hook_handler). But I have discovered
that the speculative reads are triggered by check_pipeline(), not by my module
- sorry for the confusion...

I have debugged the problem. Sometimes check_pipeline() is called *before* the
connection enters the keep-alive state (and also before the log_transaction
handler that mod_reqtimeout uses to detect the end of the request). In this
case, it works. The branch "if (block == APR_NONBLOCK_READ && mode ==
AP_MODE_SPECULATIVE) ..." is taken.

But sometimes check_pipeline() is called *after* the connection has already
entered the keep-alive state. Then the branch "if (ccfg->in_keep_alive) ..." is
taken, and this branch does not check for speculative reads - that's the bug.

I don't know exactly how these two cases are triggered.

It would be great if this bugfix and the previous bugfixes r1621453 / r1641376
would be included in a future 2.4.x release.

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