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Subject [Bug 57375] Support LibreSSL as an alternative toolkit for mod_ssl
Date Sun, 26 Apr 2015 18:19:10 GMT

--- Comment #8 from Eric Covener <> ---
> Then 4 months later people drop patches in via the Mailing-List (is that the
> proper way of supplying patches to Apache httpd?). 

Either/both is appropriate.  I don't think 'PatchAvailable' would have helped,
but I personally stay more on top of email then the list of open bugs unless
they stay active [which means they stay active in my mail client]

> There's no communication
> on this PR that there's things are changing until 4 patch-sets are being
> committed fixing all of the issues with LibreSSL. 

For whatever reason, this PR didn't gather much attention, so there was no
(immediate) followup here.

> The patches committed are
> identical to the ones I committed yet there's no attribution, thanks or
> apologies on the process that was followed by the project. 

I will investigate to see if they were developed independently or if they were
via your freebsd bugzilla patches and not properly attributed.

> Perhaps things improve once I can mail from a account?

I don't think that is much of a factor.  

Stefan posted from his account where he earned his karma on a
related project and is a member of the foundation looking to improve httpd.  He
also posted shortly after another community member asking about the same
CHIL_engine issue fixed in the first patch.    So for better or for worse, I
think those things got his thread a little more attention.

> Hope to hear from you regarding the change of policy with regards to
> non-OpenSSL toolkits.

There is no policy, just the opinion whoever has time to respond, work on, and
maintain things.  

Sorry for your bad experience, but it is largely due to volunteer resources
stretched thin.

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