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Subject [Bug 57742] "reliable piped logging" doesn't work for ErrorLog anymore
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2015 15:24:39 GMT

--- Comment #4 from Edward Lu <> ---
Created attachment 32604
Enable reliable piped logging for virtualhost error logs

It looks like there was never reliable piped logging for ErrorLog. A quick grep
through the patches in the RPM shows no changes to the logging, so it's likely
that it never worked.

It looks pretty easy to add reliable logging for virtualhost error logs, but
there's an issue with the main error log that makes it harder. The issue
requires some understanding of PR40651; the code change made there requires the
main error log to be opened using log_child(), which is the function made for
unreliable logging.

A few options we have:
 - Ignore PR40651 and use ap_open_piped_log() for the main error log. Probably
low impact, since we don't use /bin/sh by default to fork anymore.
 - Make reliable logging available for virtualhost error logs, but not for the
main error log, and doc this fact.
 - Copy/paste log_child() and add the one function call
(apr_proc_other_child_register()) to restart the process when it goes down.

I had some trouble when trying the first option - the main error log seemed not
to want to restart, and I'm still not sure why. The attached patch takes the
second route, which isn't ideal, but it should hopefully get some discussion

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