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Subject [Bug 57624] Provide support for http/2.0
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2015 12:30:33 GMT

--- Comment #5 from Stefan Eissing <> ---
Hi Eric,

yes, it's heavily based on mod_spdy work. The goal is to have it first working
and deployable in a 2.4 httpd. Currently, it needs just one patch to mod_ssl to
do (a modified ALPN adapted version of the mod_spdy patch, see for details).

With that done, I can see several things where some nudging of the core APIs
will provide better performance and resource handling and more will probably
come when I get more experience with the implementation.

I would be happy to present at some not-so-far-out point in time ideas and
issues that have come up and discuss with you, Jim and other interested folks
how this work can be improved on.

Also, if someone finds the time to look more detailed into the code, I'd be
happy to receive feedback and hints on how to use the existing httpd
infrastructure in a better way.

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