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Subject [Bug 56984] Random and frequent Segmentation fault (11)
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2015 00:04:21 GMT

--- Comment #11 from ---
Hello Yann,

Thanks for your clear story about the design principles. I can see that
coalescing writes to the client means more performance. I was also missing the
point about idempotent requests. The browser/client should not resend possible
non-idempotent requests as soon as they have left the client even if it doesn't
get a reply from the server.

I still think though that there are some concerns about this when you have
requests with a long runtime, high pool usage and very small ack-like response.
It could take several requests before any output gets sent back and memory gets

Also apache modules that didn't get updated to take this into account can
misbehave as is now painfully clear. Not only can they have issues with pool
cleanups not having run, but also with reentry of handlers that are also
registered for output filters and respond to an EOS bucket of a previous
request while processing a follow-on request.

Most of the time I am just the custodian of a webserver and am most concerned
with it functioning reliable and not having the highest possible performance.
So I guess what I should be asking is, can we make it a feature request to have
the option of configging Apache 2.4 to do a flush after each client request?


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