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Subject [Bug 56984] Random and frequent Segmentation fault (11)
Date Mon, 23 Mar 2015 11:49:16 GMT

--- Comment #9 from ---
The problem with Apache 2.4 hanging on to pool data in case of persistent
client connection until sometime in follow-on requests is not quite as bad as I
was afraid of. Some output exceeding the buffer space in a follow-on request
will be enough to flush the EOR bucket and destroy the pool space.

But is there any reason not to flush the response data and log the transaction
immediately after processing a client request? Instead of pool destroy, the
worker could call a flush after processing one client request.

Even if this is expected behaviour, and given that the PHP handler is doing it
wrong by depending on the previous request cleanup having been completed when
entering the processing of a new client request, it seems kind of strange that
output, and memory of one script is held back and only flushed dependent on 
circumstances that are completely extraneous to it.

If for example follow-on processing causes a segfault and no response was sent
yet by the first script to the client, the client will believe that the script
never finished. So this behaviour seems to run counter to the expectation of
stateless requests. Given that the user of a browser does not usually have much
control of whether his browser uses pipelined connections or not, he cannot be
said to have made a conscious choice for stateful behaviour.

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