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Subject [Bug 41270] TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT timeout set way too low
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2015 12:57:06 GMT

--- Comment #17 from harm <> ---
(In reply to Yann Ylavic from comment #15)

> This isn't the case anymore, the new value is 30s since 2.2.28 (and has
> always been 30s in 2.4.x), still hardcoded though.

confirmed, we had these problems in 2.2.22, sorry for bringing it up again.

> Well, the listener won't accept (spend resources for) spurious connections,
> which stay in kernel land.

Well... thats whats advertised..yes.  It was somehow broken though (with a
value of 1). resulting in connections not passed at all from kernel land.
So at least in 2.2.22 I doubt you'll _ever_ really see any benefits.

(we concluded this after many many hours staring at wireshark logs, with telco

To mee it sounds like a fishy optimization, without (measured) benefits. maybe
this made sense when linux/bsd where competing pleasing random non relevant
benchmarks (a decade ago)... but I doubt this is valid nowadays.

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