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Subject [Bug 51517] mod_proxy_fcgi is not RFC 3875 compliant (SCRIPT_FILENAME, PATH_INFO, ...)
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2014 17:39:07 GMT

--- Comment #20 from Eric Covener <> ---
> However, this method is only available from Apache 2.4.10 onward. Also I
> think that there's another "thinko" in the example. Imho it should read
> <FilesMatch \.php> (note the missing $) so the handler would also trigger
> for URIs like /path/to/my.php/with/some/added/stuff?and=vars ;)

This works as-is (\.php$) because <FilesMatch> is relative to the mapped file
not just the text in the URL. In other words, it knows the file is $docroot/
/path/to/my.php w/ PATH_INFO of /with/some/added/stuff an query string

I hope to add some balancer examples, and fixes for SCRIPT_FILENAME and
PATH_INFO in combination with balancer soon.

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