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Subject [Bug 44736] mod_proxy_balancer looses it's mind on reloads.
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2014 13:30:40 GMT

--- Comment #36 from Ferry Manders <> ---
We have tried the patch first in our test environment without any noticeable
issues. Today we rolled out the patch with Apache 2.2.29 on our production
systems and noticed that the first worker in the balancer was favoured.

We noticed that the first worker received about 90% or all the requests and the
second worker received the leftover 10% while the third and fourth worker
received almost no requests.

The view of one of our balancer-manager's

Worker URL    Route    RouteRedir    Factor    Set    Status    Elected    To  
http://xrtv1afp    xrtv1a            0    0    Ok    25944    20M    223M
http://xrtv1bfp    xrtv1b            0    0    Ok    2077    2.2M    24M
http://xrtv1cfp    xrtv1c            0    0    Ok    196    193K    1.9M
http://xrtv1dfp    xrtv1d            0    0    Ok    278    274K    1.6M

We noticed this behaviour on all our updated frontproxies, which range around
150~200 apache instances.

After rolling back the patch and staying on the 2.2.29 release the issue was

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