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Subject [Bug 56919] Creating a large number of SSL sites using DBDDriver pgsql causes a SIGSEGV / SIGILL on load
Date Sat, 06 Sep 2014 15:41:48 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Alex Bligh <> ---
[ Note for anyone trying to duplicate this: On a clean container on the same
machine, I needed 141 or more sites to duplicate this. Also it appears it is
necessary to enable mod_php]

On 2.4.10_1ubuntu1 (utopic version recompiled for trusty), this appears not to
occur, which is good news.

BZ 54357 appears to involve certificate stapling, which I have switched off (I
believe that's the default). I would rather use 2.4.7 if possible simply
because that is the stock version Ubuntu distribute and support. Failing that,
I'm happy to identify the specific issue, recompile, and try to persuade Ubuntu
to apply a patch to 2.4.7. Any idea what the underlying issue is here, or how I
might work around it without an upgrade?

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