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Subject [Bug 44736] mod_proxy_balancer looses it's mind on reloads.
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2014 23:45:34 GMT

--- Comment #18 from William Lovaton <> ---
(In reply to Jeff Trawick from comment #17)
> >Yes, no one seems to care. Almost like using Oracle software.
> >Is at least someone reading this?
> Ha ha ha!
> The 2.2 answer was given previously:  WONTFIX - 2.2.x does not guarantee
> local changes via balancer-manager are kept
> If you want to be constructive:
> Can someone that needs it on the older release volunteer to confirm that it
> is resolved on 2.4, as requested some time ago?

Thanks Jeff for the answer but that WONTFIX does not apply here.  It is obvious
(for me at least) that changes done through the balancer-manager page won't be
kept between restarts.  That's totally understandable.

The thing here is that BalancerMember configuration gets mangled somehow when
you issue a graceful.  It sometimes swaps the route name or the loadfactor
changes to 0 when the configuration file says loadfactor=1.  The end result of
this is that all requests are now sent to one server only.

My workaround here is to always do a restart instead of a graceful but this is
not really a good idea when hundreds of vhosts are going through this reverse
proxy (the active requests will be lost abruptly).

Unfortunately no one using 2.2 here is able to confirm that 2.4 fixes the
problem.  That at least would be an incentive to take the leap.

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