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Subject [Bug 44736] mod_proxy_balancer looses it's mind on reloads.
Date Sat, 02 Aug 2014 00:59:55 GMT

--- Comment #15 from William Lovaton <> ---
Hi there,

Can this bug be fixed in the 2.2 branch?? I'm using RHEL 6 and it would be a
huge and risky move to migrate to apache 2.4.

I have more than 100 virtual hosts in my Apache Reverse Proxy, some of them are
balanced with mod_proxy_balancer to backend servers (some are JBoss AJP and
some others are Apache/PHP) but the vast majority are simple ProxyPass

The annoying thing with this bug is that sometimes I need to do little
adjustments to the config (eg. add a new ProxyPass directive in an existing
vhost), most of the time in vhosts not using the mod_proxy_balancer feature and
when I do a graceful for the changes to take effect, sometimes the vhosts using
mod_proxy_balancer forget the routes and suddenly all of the clients are
redirected to the first server making half of the users lose their sessions and
overloading one of the server while the other is idle.

Right now I'm using Apache 2.2.27 and the problem still happens.

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