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Subject [Bug 50317] Possible error in mod_cache's "Avoiding the Thundering Herd"
Date Thu, 22 May 2014 06:49:54 GMT

--- Comment #34 from ---
OK, any idea what to do about it or do you think it's OK? This leads to two
requests being passed to the backend server instead of one caused by multiple
(in this case two) keys used for locking.

If the key used in cache providers differs from the original one, shouldn't we
generate the fresh key everytime when creating the lock to have consistent key
across all ap_cache_try_lock(...) calls (basically what my change does)?

Or do you think this is OK, because we get most likely (at least that's how I
understand it) just maximally 2 requests to the backend server (one with
original key and one with the key from cache-provider)?

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