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Subject [Bug 50317] Possible error in mod_cache's "Avoiding the Thundering Herd"
Date Thu, 22 May 2014 11:59:45 GMT

--- Comment #39 from ---
Relevant part from log after your patch + debug log to log "key" before

[Thu May 22 07:50:47 2014] [debug] obtained key:
[Thu May 22 07:50:47 2014] [debug] cache_util.c(604): Cache lock obtained for
stale cached URL, revalidating entry:
[Thu May 22 07:50:47 2014] [debug] cache_storage.c(272): Cached response for
/examples/jsp/jsp2/el/basic-arithmetic.jsp isn't fresh.  Adding/replacing
conditional request headers.
[Thu May 22 07:50:47 2014] [debug] cache: cache_url_handler uses key '(null)'
[Thu May 22 07:50:47 2014] [debug] mod_cache.c(156): Adding CACHE_SAVE filter
for /examples/jsp/jsp2/el/basic-arithmetic.jsp

>From first line you see that lock is obtained with key with "accept-encoding,
then the code you've patched is executed and NULL is used as a next key. Second
lock is obtained and CACHE_SAVE filter added.

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