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From Yshua Calkins <>
Subject On VC11 of Apache and PHP, SSL Certs and key are rejected
Date Sun, 25 May 2014 17:37:32 GMT
Dear bug exterminators:

         On php-5.5.12-Win32-VC11-x86, and httpd-2.4.9-win32-VC11 with modules-2.4-win32-VC11,
all three SSL Cert. pems and key are rejected. The pems were generated with the following
statements:  Set OPENSSL_Conf=C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache24\conf\openssl.cnf, followed
by openssl genrsa -out <privatekey.key> 2048, and then, openssl req -new -key <privatekey.key>
-config "C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache24\conf\openssl.cnf" -out <csrprivatekey.csr>. 
Apache key was generated with openssl and PKCS #7 recommended Apache and Tomcat format.

Please help,

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