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Subject [Bug 55897] [PATCH]prefork_mpm patch with SO_REUSEPORT support
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2014 20:25:39 GMT changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Version|2.4.7                       |2.5-HEAD

--- Comment #9 from ---
Dear all,

Based on the feedback we received, we modified this patch. Here is the most
recent version. 

Below are the changes we made into this new version:

1. We separate the original patch between with and without SO_REUSEPORT into
two separated patches. The SO_REUSEPORT (current patch) patch does not change
the original listen sockets, it just duplicate the original one into multiple
ones. Since the listen sockets are identical, there is no need to change the
idle_server_maintenance. The bucket patch (without SO_REUSEPORT, bugzilla
#56279), on the other hand, it breaks down the original listen record (if there
are multiple listen socks) to multiple listen record linked lists. In this
case, idle_server_maintenance is implemented at bucket level to address the
situation that imbalanced traffic occurs among different listen
sockets/children buckets. In the bucket patch, the polling in the child process
is removed since each child only listens to 1 sock. 

2. We make the “detection of SO_REUSEPORT” at run time. 

3. The current patch is generated against the httpd-trunk.

Again, thanks very much for all the comments and feedback. Please let us know
if there are more changes we need to complete to make them accepted.

Yingqi Lu

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