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Subject [Bug 54617] Build: wrong order of "-I" params, system installed headers shadow our own
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2014 15:27:02 GMT

Dennis Clarke <> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
           Priority|P2                          |P4
           Severity|normal                      |trivial

--- Comment #5 from Dennis Clarke <> ---

 Dennis Clarke 2014-03-26 04:36:15 UTC

Well its long overdue to make my apologies and request this bug be closed 
and perhaps marked as "user error".  As Mike Rumph pointed out back on
2013-12-11 00:40:17 UTC that fault may be in CPPFLAGS which has
"-I/usr/local/include -I/usr/local/ssl/include" as well as the reasonable

This explains the include order seen. 

I just built the most recent release all in one smooth pass with no errors
at all :

# /usr/local/bin/httpd -V 
Server version: Apache/2.4.9 (Unix)
Server built:   Mar 26 2014 03:50:32
Server's Module Magic Number: 20120211:31
Server loaded:  APR 1.5.0, APR-UTIL 1.5.3
Compiled using: APR 1.5.0, APR-UTIL 1.5.3
Architecture:   64-bit
Server MPM:     event
  threaded:     yes (fixed thread count)
    forked:     yes (variable process count)
Server compiled with....
 -D HTTPD_ROOT="/usr/local"
 -D SUEXEC_BIN="/usr/local/bin/suexec"
 -D DEFAULT_PIDLOG="www/var/logs/"
 -D DEFAULT_SCOREBOARD="logs/apache_runtime_status"
 -D DEFAULT_ERRORLOG="logs/error_log"
 -D AP_TYPES_CONFIG_FILE="www/conf/mime.types"
 -D SERVER_CONFIG_FILE="www/conf/httpd.conf"

runs like a charm. 

All I need to do now is figure out why my initial SSL_SESSION_ID env var in cgi
is blank despite having "SSLOptions +StdEnvVars" set. However that is another
matter entirely. 

Thanks for epic patience and endless support while I fumbled through this. 

I changed this to P4 trivial because I couldn't find P9 'user-error'.


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