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Subject [Bug 56041] should be able to disable session expiry increment
Date Tue, 21 Jan 2014 22:35:22 GMT

--- Comment #1 from Erik Pearson <> ---
I've made a first pass, adding a configuration parameter SessionRefreshExpiry.
This config can be set directly in a config file, or set via an If config,
triggered on a request header field. I tested with a header field named
"X-Session-Refresh-Expiry". Both direct config and via If behave as expected.

I have another couple of changes to sessions that I need for my current
project. One has been submitted in bugzilla as an enhancement (need to have
cookie with "session" lifetime), and another not submitted yet (need "hard
lifetime" of session -- the session may not live longer than this time limit.)

Is it better to submit these as additional patches or as one unified patch?
They involve the same set of files or at least overlap -- I don't know enough
about svn to determine how difficult it is to manage multiple patches as the
codebase is progressively modified without checkin...

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