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Subject [Bug 55886] Apache 2.4 - incorrect (proxy, but not user) IP on server-status page
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2014 17:11:06 GMT

--- Comment #1 from Mike Rumph <> ---
Okay, I did some research on this.

First of all, I get the same results in httpd trunk.

The timing between logging and mod_status appears to be okay.
But the two modules are taking information from two different locations.

mod_status is getting the client information from the "client" field in the
scoreboard record.
The "client" field in the scoreboard record is updated in
update_child_status_internal() in server/scoreboard.c by calling

But as for the logging format fields:
%a comes from request->useragent_ip
%{c}a comes from request->connection->client_ip
%h comes from ap_get_remote_host()

So according to the code what you see in the %h field in the log is what you
will see in the client fields in the server_status page.

But this disagrees with what I see in the mod_remoteip documentation:
"Once replaced as instructed, this overridden useragent IP address is then used
for the mod_authz_host <Require ip> feature, is reported by mod_status, and is
recorded by mod_log_config %a and core %a format strings. The underlying client
IP of the connection is available in the %{c}a format string."

So either the documentation should be changed or update_child_status_internal()
should be using request->useragent_ip to update the "client" field.

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