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Subject [Bug 55449] AH01185: worker slotmem_create failed --> slotmem file name/ID not unique
Date Thu, 22 Aug 2013 21:01:47 GMT

--- Comment #2 from ---
We experience semaphore collisions too when there a many apache instances on a
machine. Apache tries to create a semaphore which is already occupied by
another users apache instance.

If I interpret the code correctly the username prefix for the ID won't work
because the ID is passed to shmget, and key_t is an integer.

So various data is passed to a hash function to create a unique key_t. To me it
seems it's not so unique and collisions are more likely than intended?

Isn't it possible to use IPC_PRIVATE?

For quick lookup:

AH01179 happens here in line 797:

conf->id is some hashed value of some data created in line 766, and is
presumably passed as key_t to shmget at the end.

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