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Subject [Bug 55431] mod_negotation does not force the mime type listed in type-map
Date Sun, 18 Aug 2013 04:09:03 GMT

--- Comment #2 from g <> ---
(In reply to Christoph Anton Mitterer from comment #1)
> First .gz shouldn't be a Content-Type, but a Content-Encoding... check your
> mod_mime config ;)

Hrm, yes I guess I suppose so.  However, it appears that "application/gzip" or
"application/x-gzip" is the actual mimetype for gzipped files.  A quick google
search turned up this:  and  this  although I realize one source is a draft and
the other is wikipedia...

But this was set automatically on Amazon Linux it seems.

That aside, the whole point is that it would make the most sense that the
Content-Type listed in the type-map takes priority, otherwise, what is the
point in listing it anyways?  Since I am explicitly listing a mime-type it
would seem that my knowledge of whats in the file should have greater weight
than a extension mapping.

> 2nd, isn't this similar/the same than bug #41130?

Wow, yes.  From 2006...

I guess that means I am overlooking something obvious because nobody has been
interested in fixing it for 7 years.  Is the recommended solution here not to
have file extensions on the files a type map points to or something?

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