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Subject [Bug 53555] Scoreboard full error with event/ssl
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2013 13:46:35 GMT

--- Comment #6 from Greg Ames <> ---
I looked at and the code.  The Ls are normal when a gracefully
exiting process had an active thread.  Sorry for jumping to conclusions.

close_listeners sets all the G states during graceful shutdown.  (Unfortunately
this means we can no longer see which threads are active vs. idle - not sure
having the G state is worth it.) Any active threads which finish their requests
will log and set the L state before exiting.  The Gs that remain could
represent exited threads or active requests - we can't tell from server-status.

The processes that didn't exit have active connections.  If they due to slow
downloads, maybe the thing to do is to tune for less or no graceful process
terminations when the traffic drops by raising MaxSpareThreads.

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