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Subject [Bug 54560] Potential segfault on return from ap_server_root_relative
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2013 17:55:58 GMT

--- Comment #1 from Jeff Trawick <> ---
There are at least hundreds of calls to ap_server_root_relative if you include
third-party code.  All of these calls are subject to the
ap_server_root-misconfiguration problem.  ap_server_root is only set in main().
 ap_server_root should be verified near the point set so that the
ap_server_root_relative() calls aren't subject to a bad "-d Z:/" or compiled-in
value.  One check in main() for the return code of
'ap_server_root_relative(some_pool, "foo")' will (IIUC) solve the reported
problems in httpd with checking the ap_server_root_relative() return code.

Perhaps there is a way to force a failure of ap_filepath_merge() using a
module's configuration which ends up in the second parameter of
ap_server_root_relative().  That can't be solved without (potentially) a large
number of error paths added to httpd and other modules.

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