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Subject [Bug 54221] no ErrorLog prefix on CGI errors
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2013 21:11:13 GMT

--- Comment #21 from Eric Covener <> ---
> When you say that I would have to wait for another volunteer to see and grab
> this ticket, it's been 2 weeks since I posted that even using mod_cgi didn't
> help.  So, what time period would I expect to have to wait until someone
> else jumps in?  How does someone know that you are "detaching" from this
> ticket?  Perhaps every other volunteer figures that you are still handling
> it, and, thus, they do not need to jump in.

Bugzilla isn't for support, It's for reporting bugs. 

It's still unclear what component writes to your error log differently after
your upgrade and reconfguration, but no matter what it is originators are
expected to do their homework in the report.

Anyone who takes interest is always free to comment.    Again, I think you
might get some guidance on the users list which has more eyes.

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