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Subject [Bug 53919] DEFAULT_LOG_FORMAT is not RFC6302 compliant
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2013 14:27:32 GMT

--- Comment #18 from Daniel Gruno <> ---
Plugging your own RFC as if a project that precedes it by 15 years is suddenly
guilty of war crimes is hardly the way to go. I could argue that anything on
port 80 is in violation of the SSL RFC and demand that SSL be default for
everything, but that's not an enhancement or a bug in httpd, that's a _request
for change_ that has a great impact on a lot of people, which _needs to be
discussed on the mailing list, not in Bugzilla_. Please, take this discussion
to the mailing list, or you will likely not get any constructive dialogue
going, and certainly not the change you are hoping for.

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