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Subject [Bug 26052] DOCUMENT_ROOT environment variable set incorrectly with VirtualDocumentRoot
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2012 09:14:08 GMT

--- Comment #35 from Bertrand Jacquin <> ---
(In reply to comment #34)
> This was flagged as Resolved and Fixed In February 2012.  I've poored all
> over the internet for elaboration on how to actually use the new feature
> described in the Revision and there is nothing explaining it anywhere
> Revision r1132494 says that the DocumentRoot can now be over-ridden on a
> per-request basis. But there's no example or information anywhere explaining
> how to do it.
> If someone writes some code but doesn't provide any documentation on how to
> use it, then I don't think the issue can be considered resolved.
> Can anyone please at least append this issue with how to use the per-request
> setting of Document Root?  I thought maybe I could just pass the
> %{HTTP_HOST} variable to DocumentRoot but it doesn't work like that.

I've develop an apache module to things like that :

I think a configuration example is better than an explanation

This is used on some french hosters (~6000), enlightenment servers on the basis
to get only one vhost declared.

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