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Subject [Bug 53388] mod_proxy_balanser generates 503 when proxying to a balancermember which isn't defined
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2012 09:08:37 GMT

--- Comment #3 from Eric Garreau <> ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> I don't understand your answer I am afraid.
> I still find this to be an issue. Their should be an inbuilt mechanism
> checking that the balancermember exits.
> /Peter


My answer was only about the path appended to the 'scheme:/host:port/'
declaration of your BalancerMembers (my experience says a BalancerMember should
be seen as a "pure" host definition, and that the optional backend path should
be declared in the ProxyPass/ProxyPassReverse lines)

Anyway, I understand your point. Indeed, using a non-existent Proxy or using a
Proxy which has zero BalancerMember has the same '503' effect, because this
information is a pure run-time evaluation made by lbmethod providers (it is not
their role to detect a wrong setup)

This happens because the object is transparently created when the 'ProxyPass'
directive is evaluated (it is probably made in order to allow a forward
declaration of the balancer itself):
        proxy_balancer *balancer = ap_proxy_get_balancer(cmd->pool, conf, r);
        if (!balancer) {
            const char *err = ap_proxy_add_balancer(&balancer,
                                                    conf, r);

Maybe a coherence check in the post_config hook could validate that there is no
'balancer://' object with zero elements ? (I can /try/ to make it...)


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