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Subject [Bug 50335] Cores dumped under high load (segmentation fault signal 11 SIGSEGV)
Date Sun, 11 Nov 2012 23:48:45 GMT

--- Comment #22 from Sean Timmins <> ---
Yes it is possible that the crash has been going on for some time. As I
mentioned in comment 5 the crashes became far more noticeable after upgrading
our hardware from SPARC T2 to SPARC T4 machines.

With the old hardware we were only getting around 1 core per day across all 4
servers and unfortunately there were always more pressing things to deal with.
After the hardware upgrade the frequencey of crashes was much higher (multiple
cores per day per server) and so it received more attention.

With the patch version of httpd, the crash frequency appears to be quite a bit
less than it was even before we updated the hardware (which is great!) but I'll
be more sure of this after I've run it for a while longer.

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