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Subject [Bug 53842] scoreboard file created with wrong permissions
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2012 11:18:38 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Noel <> ---
Eric, not at all.

Each new vhost is added to the conf file by a perl script, it inserts a 
CBandScoreBoard /usr/local/apache/scoreboards/
line into its virtualhost block.

/usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl -k graceful   is then issued.

the problem lies within the above command in some instances as earlier

I discovered this because something went wrong with a host addition, and
checking the logs I found trillion lines of 
apache2_mod_cband: cannot open scoreboard file

which is correct, given it was recreated as "root" and not apache (user web
server runs as)

new timeline... host added
httpd graceful issued

4 minutes has elapsed

ls -la /usr/local/apache/scoreboards/example*
/bin/ls: cannot access /usr/local/apache/scoreboards/example*: No such file or

lynx -dump


ls -la /usr/local/apache/scoreboards/example*
-rw-------  1 apache apache   44 Sep 10 21:00

 rm /usr/local/apache/scoreboards/
(to simulate some error)

ls -la /usr/local/apache/scoreboards/example*
/bin/ls: cannot access /usr/local/apache/scoreboards/example*: No such file or

/etc/rc.d/rc.httpd reload
Graceful reload of Apache... Done.

root@www3:/usr/local/scripts# ls -la /usr/local/apache/scoreboards/example*
-rw-------  1 root   root     44 Sep 10 21:02

I do note, that, if the file is removed, and, the website is hit withOUT or
before a reload is issued, then the scoreboard file is recreated correctly as
user apache and gives no errors.

We might have caught this error, in adding domains in quick succession of each
other, getting the reload (from adding new vhost in cobf) before the earlier
site was hit, httpd thinking somethings wrong as it was missing that scoreboard
file so recreated it? I don't know, hence my bug report, but somethings amiss

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