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Subject [Bug 53693] mod_fcgid performance suffers under request concurrency (serialization of requests)
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2012 21:44:46 GMT

--- Comment #3 from Dominic Benson <> ---
Created attachment 29233
Spawn faster under low process count

The principle of not rushing into trying to spawn new processes is good: indeed
in the case that we're running at max processes per class, it is the only thing
that gives time to try to handle the actual requests (rather than spinning on
the server). However, 1s is a very long time, and we're doing it if *any*
process is currently busy. As a minimum, FcgidMinProcessesPerClass should be
considered - under that level, we should be perfectly happy to launch a new
process to handle a request. 
Also, if launching another process is a plausible thing to do (i.e. we're below
the limit), we shouldn't wait 1s before re-checking: requests should be being
handled a lot more quickly than that. So instead, wait 250ms by default.
This patch is based in principle around high/low water marks for process count;
at this point, these are just min and max processes per class. Picking figures
between these would be better, but these should probably be configurable.

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