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Subject [Bug 53581] FollowSymlinks doesn't work with DirectoryMatch and Alias
Date Sun, 22 Jul 2012 13:41:24 GMT

--- Comment #4 from Christoph Anton Mitterer <> ---
Uhm well this one here was intended to be the RFE,... even though this doesn't
seems like an enhancement but rather like a clear bug to me.
And just documenting it doesn't solve a bug, even though it's probably a good
idea to do so, if it won't be fixed quickly.

But why opening a new ticket for this? Nothing stops from using this one and
you still can add a note about this bug to the documentation.
Assigning it to the appropriate maintainer or component and he can fix it once
he likes.

I'm not sure what discussion on the lists should help.... it's quite clear that
this is a bug, and that wouldn't be much more like a momentum search whether
there is anyone who wants to work on it right now.


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