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Subject [Bug 53329] Segmentation fault in ap_mpm_pod_check() method
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2012 14:40:42 GMT

--- Comment #10 from Maulik <> ---
My problem got resolved. It turned out to be one of the modules that we have
written causing the problem. I have disabled that module and that did the
trick. Actully, the same module was running fine with 2.2.9 so that made me
curious what got changed that causing the issue.
Remember, i had also mentioned that i had lots of wiered entries in the logs in
the first column (where it supposed to show remote client IP?). So when i
checked the mod_log_config.c, it seems one option had been added (-k) which was
not there in 2.2.9 and some how that's causing conflict with our custom module. 
By the way, custome module was changing the remote ip to one we are passing
through config for security reason. But we have used work around and disable
that plug-in.

Thanks Stefan for acknowledging that "wiered log entries could lead to
Segmentation error".

I think we could have resolved the issue by increasing length for below
mentioned two parameters, but that needs rebuilding of Apache - 


Hope, that helps to some one who are facing such issues given the similar


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