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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 51482] Issue with rewrite and mod_autoindex
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2011 15:01:52 GMT

--- Comment #1 from Eric Covener <> 2011-07-06 15:01:52 UTC ---
If you allow /etc/ to be served and configure it for directory listings, and
you substitute /etc/ in a rewriterule, it will be served.  In most
configurations with normal <Directory /> restrictions, this is not a concern.

RewriteRule says:

file-system path
Designates the location on the file-system of the resource to be delivered to
the client.
A DocumentRoot-relative path to the resource to be served. Note that
mod_rewrite tries to guess whether you have specified a file-system path or a
URL-path by checking to see if the first segment of the path exists at the root
of the file-system. For example, if you specify a Substitution string of
/www/file.html, then this will be treated as a URL-path unless a directory
named www exists at the root or your file-system, in which case it will be
treated as a file-system path. If you wish other URL-mapping directives (such
as Alias) to be applied to the resulting URL-path, use the [PT] flag as
described below.

This is unlikely to be changed in 2.2, but there is has been dicussion in 2.4
to split RewriteRule into two directives so it's always only mapping URI->URI
or URI->Filesystem.

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